Fft Form Download Pdf File 2021

Fft Form Download Pdf File 2021

Fft Form Download Pdf File 2021 It has been decided to provide salary allowance to government employees through EFT. In continuation of this, government departments are being urged to fill up the EFT form from the employees for performing EFT activities. Many government employees are not able to fill in the wrong information or correct information. You can see how to fill in the information by giving a sample below.

Fft Form Download Pdf File 2021

Usually bank account information many people forget to give routing number, name (own name) as bank in English. We have to be careful about these things. Because you have to write in English the way you write on the voter ID card.

If married, you must give the wife’s information well, the wife’s NID, date of birth must be written correctly. Ibus ++ can detect if the wife’s information is incorrect. So Ibas ++ does not accept wrong information in any way.

Whether you take education allowance or not, you must write the child’s birth registration number, date of birth, name in English and Bengali correctly. If you have more than one child, give information to everyone.

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In case of disabled child, it is not normal birth registration, of course, give the known number of the disabled child, write the type of disability, date of birth etc. correctly.

The date of first joining to provide information about the job is to pay the first pay scale, basic salary etc. correctly.

If you have been promoted or timescale selection grade, you must provide information about whatever you are getting in higher grade. If you can’t find these, you will have trouble later.

Many people do not provide the information because they do not know the information about the salary allowance. Of course, knowing the correct information from the accounting branch, you will fill in the information yourself.

Information about GPF GPF number, the amount of the cut, but the volume number and page number is not mentioned, so the data input is complicated, so be a little careful to give information.

Enter the details of its grant number, date, date of commencement of deduction, amount of interest, total installment etc. if it is received from future fund or any other advance otherwise EFT will be delayed. Your salary allowances may get stuck.

Mention the current GPF nominee of the wife to someone else. If you give it to your wife, give her the correct information.

Give the latest vacation accounts, no casual vacancies, just earned vacations, extraordinary vacations, leisure vacations, maternity leave, etc. Write down the information correctly and attach the order to each.

If someone is in the attachment, write down the attachment information well, don’t forget to add the attachment order.

Documents to be attached with the form:

1. Photocopy of national identity card;

2. Photocopy of SSC.

3. Photocopy of check book as teacher’s bank (with routing number)

4. Photocopy of National Identity Card of Husband / Sentry.

5. Child’s birth certificate / national identity card / photocopy of identity card issued by the Department of Social Services in case of disabled child (if applicable).

. Loan information etc. (GPF / Housing / Computer / Motorcycle etc. if any).

. Higher scale information (if available)

. Photocopy of the latest annual incremental salary determination.

9. General Provident Fund (GPF) data.

10. Bank Information: Account Name (in English), Account Number (with Type), Bank Name, Branch.

11. Copy of attachment order if working on attachment.

12. Copies of all holiday orders.

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