Do you know about the Geminid meteor rain?

Let us first know what is the Geminid meteor rain? It is a type of meteorite that is caused by 125 Fiat. It is believed to be a Palladian asteroid in the “Rock Comet” orbit. Every year, the Geminiid meteorite is seen raining between December 5 and 8.

According to NASA, at every moment, different bodies of light from the universe and the light ray on the earth. However, when the meteorite is overloaded during normal time, it can be seen in the form of meteorite. Geminid meteor rain is considered to be one of the best meteor showers of the year. Because it’s bright, fast, and crazy.

The darkness of the night sky pierces through the arrows of light. And that extraordinary view can be seen from many places around the world. According to the cyclone of Bangladesh, the meteor rain can be seen by looking directly at the roof or open space of the house.

But according to them, it will be the best time to watch it around 2pm this year. The funny thing is that there will be no moonlight this year, so you can definitely see the extraordinary Geminid meteor rain.

Also, the Aerospace Division’s Aerospace Division has camped 5 to see the meteor showers. Three camps were set up at Mirpur, Demra, Mogdapara and Jahangirnagar University. Besides, camps have also been opened in Chandpur, Tapainawabganj, Bandarban, Thakurgaon, Comilla.

Many people may have wondered about the Google doodle or the question is why Google is showing this Geminid tropical doodle? Google has used Geminid meteorite doodles as their doodles on December 5, and tonight the best Geminid meteor showers are showing.

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