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Govt Job Circular Government job notification

Govt job circular 2019 / Government job news 2019 - At present the demand and evaluation of government jobs in the job market is much higher. The interest in government jobs is higher as there are more attractive salary structure, less work pressure, more benefits including various allowances as compared to private jobs. Due to which the competition in this field is now wide, so many people are looking at the government job news 2019 / govt job bd circular 2019.

Govt Job Circular Government job notification

There are two types of government jobs - military and civilian. Military jobs are such as - Police, Army, Ansar, Navy etc. All other types of government jobs are civilian government jobs. Jobs in various government ministries and departments are covered later.

Govt Job Circular Government job notification

According to the 8th National Salary Scale 2015, the rank of government employees is currently according to the grade. The basic salary of 1st grade in the class of 20th grade is 8000 rupees and the salary of 20th grade is 6220 rupees. There is no quota facility for jobs in 1st to 13th grade. In this structure, 1st-9th grade officers are gazetted officers or cadres, who are appointed by the President himself. They are at the forefront in terms of dignity, responsibility, duty and opportunity. The Secretary / Chief Secretary is above them in rank.

Govt Job Circular 2019 | Government job news 2019

Government job benefits

Currently the most interesting aspect of government service is salary. In this pay scale, there is a good salary at the beginning of the job and this number keeps increasing at a compounding rate from year to year.

One of the major benefits of government jobs is job security. In the case of non-governmental organizations, if there is an economic downturn in the country or internal problems of the organization, the employees are at risk of losing various benefits and even jobs. But government employees do not have this fear, they are safe from opportunities or the risk of losing their jobs.

Government employees receive various allowances including house rent, medical allowance, travel allowance, housemaid allowance, travel allowance, festival bonus. They also enjoy special benefits in case of any kind of loan or grant.

The work pressure in government organizations is much less than in private organizations. Work is done according to working hours, there is no pressure to work outside of it. Where there is a lot of hard work in the private sector and it is very normal to work outside the scheduled office hours.

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